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Greenscreen Bluescreen BIRD on finger and hand
Bluescreen footage of a bird on someone's finger and hand, sometimes held and sometimes it flies away.

Emerald dung beetles rolling dung ball
Two shiny green dungbeetles are working as a team to roll a ball of dung somewhere.

Snails, slugs, garden snails, escargot
Snails slither around on a rock wall.

CONSTRUCTION workers 1: Cement truck pouring CONCRETE floor
A cement truck is mixing and pouring cement as construction workers distribute the concrete with shovels and planks in order to create a concrete floor.

Bird building nest, yellow weaver weaving nest in tree, Geelvink
A yellow bird is building a nest in a tree using green grass to weave an enclosed basket type nest.

Tortoises mating
Wildlife animal kingdom video footage of two tortoises mating.

Pipe cars, buggie, gocarts, rally, off-road racing obstacle course
Pipe cars racing on an obstacle course.

POISONOUS SNAKE in tree, gets killed with shovel
A poisnous Cape Cobra yellow snake has wandered too close to a domestic garden and has to be killed for being a snake bite risk. First it is in a tree, from where it is hooked down with a rake and killed on the ground with a shovel.

Snake Cape Cobra sitting in fence and climbing into tree
A very poisonous snake, a Cape Cobra or Yellow Snake, has climbed into a fence. Later on the snake sails up into a tree and we see him from various angles.

SOLAR farm, solar power, solar panels, alternative energy, green energy
Solar panels standing in rows under the sun, with some clouds in time lapse photogaphy.

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